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Do you like seeing everything you can and enjoying unforgettable experiences while on holiday?? Our 4* Seramar Comodoro Playa and 3* Seramar Luna-Luna Park hotels are the perfect base camp to discover the amazing destinations and adventures on the island of Mallorca. Have a look at everything you can do!

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Transfer service and Car hire

Choose the service you need for your travels and enjoy a comfortable way to travel.

  • Car hire Seramar hotels

    Car hire

    Do you prefer to move at your own pace, plan your own routes and have full freedom to go from one place to another? In Mallorca you can find a multitude of companies specialising in car hire. Don’t miss their offers.

  • Transfer service Seramar hotels

    Transfer service

    Make the most of the transfer services in Mallorca, Palmanova and the Bay of Palma/El Arenal in order to conveniently get from the airport to the 4* Seramar Comodoro Playa Hotel and the 3* Seramar Luna-Luna Park Hotel. The most convenient way to arrive!